Flats and paint Basketball


Michael Jordan was the best player in basketball history. Novagrass has the best area in the world for this sport, Extreme Wood® of Graboplast, is an area of PVC certified FIBA (NBA) which requires minimal maintenance and has a 5 year warranty. Acrylic paints also have brand for Foreign Plexipave® ideal for schools, sports, clubs, etc., and Modular Plastic in different colors to Golf exteriors and interiors. And also have professional basketball courts Pain for “Grabo Sport Flooring” ideal for Skills, Professional Tournaments and Olympic Venues.

PVC floors (Interior)

Extreme Wood / Supreme / GymFit Wood

WOOD (Pain)

Grabo Sport Parquet
PAINT (Interior and Exterior)

Plexipave / Plexicushion

Modular Plastic (Interior and Exterior)



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