Construction of running tracks


We build, install and we maintain tartan athletics track with our best system Plexitrac by Plexipave which have the best value for money ratio being the cheapest market tracks without losing quality. Apart from being the friendliest track with the environment. We also have jogging tracks, trotapistas, jogging tracks and training Clay (Har-Tru), ideal for clubs and sports centers; It has qualities to absorb the impact and weight of athletes, high strength, laga useful life, easy maintenance and low cost

And for our customers seeking the most exclusive: Regupol. Just the creators of tartan tracks for Olympic Games and competitions worldwide. Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, broke the world speed record on a Regupol track.


Plexitrac Flash® System / System Plexitrac Accelerator® / Plexitrac Accelerator System ® XP Certified IAAF / Plexitrac Surfacer® System / System Plexitrac Lightning®
Available colors: Red, Green and Blue




Regupol Tartan AG® (Certificado por la IAAF) / Regupol AG Fast Rock®


System Har – Tru®

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